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Blocked Drains Leeds?

Blocked drains are inconvenience we can all do without the worry and the financial cost, T.P.S Plumbing and Drainage we’ll clear your blocked drains in Leeds – fast and at a fixed price.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can be caused by many reasons including some of iteams listed bellow .!

  • Fat Down Drains
  • Baby Wipes, Body Wiped , Cleaning Wipes Sanitary Products
  • Excessive use of toilet paper
  • Tree Roots
  • Damaged Drainage
  • lack of Maintenance
  • Debris Build-up

Have you tried to clear the blockage yourself?

Sometimes blockages in drains are too far down for Drain rods, or they have too many bends for the Drain rods to negotiate so no matter how hard you try to unblock the drain this is when you need to call T.P.S Plumbing and Drainage as it is likely that your drain will need unblocking with our High Pressure Drain Jetter Unit.

We understand the worry people face when calling out a Drainage Contractor. This is why we pride ourselves on offering a no nonsense pricing policy on all of our work. And will give you a quotation over the telephone that will be fixed based upon your description of the problem.

Whatever it takes to clear your drain blockage, rest assured that T.P.S Plumbing and Drainage are equipped to do it. We have been an independent drainage contractor unblocking drains throughout the Leeds region for years and not part of any franchise.

If you suspect you have a blocked drainage give T.P.S Plumbing and Drainage a call. We’ll send a trained engineer round straight away to your home or business to investigate what type of blockage you have and offer the most cost effective option for dealing with your blocked drainage.

T.P.S Plumbing and Drainage uses various methods to clear Blocked Drains from using simple Drain rods & plunder, or for the most stubborn blockages using high pressure jetting equipment, and equipped CCTV Drain Surveying equipment and so can deal with whatever problem they encounter

After clearing your blocked drain where possible we offer free advice on minimizing the return of future blockage , either by maintenance or better disposal of substances

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